About Us

Your Trusted Agency for Reliable and Dependable Helpers 

Our Founder

Balancing work and family is challenging. Like many, we hired a domestic helper for a tidy home. The search for a helper was tough; agencies didn’t understand our needs. Some had confusing fees, seemingly indifferent to our interests.

Hence, we embarked on a mission to simplify the hiring process, promising you a hassle-free experience.

Only suitable helpers from our careful selection of handpicked helpers will be recommended to you. That is our promise to you.

Colin Teo

About us

Crescent Maids brings a blend of trust, care, and professionalism that mirrors your search for the perfect domestic helper.

Our aim is to reshape industry standards and deliver value and reliable service deserving of your trust. 

We endeavor to be your trusted advisor, one that will make your search for a domestic helper a truly personalised, hassle-free and simple process

“At Crescent Maids our mission goes beyond simply pairing a helper with your family –  it is a reflection of our dedication and commitment to your happy home.”

Our Commitment to You

Commitment to Quality

Our dedication to ensuring highest quality standards encompasses a meticulous process. We personally conduct thorough interviews with each maid to understand their specific skills and talents. By doing so, we can confidently match you with a maid who will effectively cater to the unique needs of your family.

Integrity and Transparency

Sadly, the maid employment industry is rife with deceptive advertisements that feature hidden costs. In contrast, we prioritise integrity by staying true to our company's values of trust and professionalism. That is why we insist on transparent price packages that are clear, easy to understand and have no hidden charges

Ongoing 24/7 Support

We offer continuous assistance throughout your maid's employment. Before her deployment, we conduct briefings on the cultural norms of Singapore employers to facilitate her integration into your home. If required, we also offer complimentary maid counseling sessions. We are committed to supporting you in ensuring a successful working relationship.


Your Pathway to Harmonious Living

From the heartwarming care of elders to the joyful nurturing of infants, our maids are selected to fit seamlessly into your unique family dynamics.