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“Myanmar maids in Singapore have experienced a significant rise in recent years, establishing themselves as one of the fastest-growing groups of domestic helpers in the country. Their appeal to Singaporean employers can be attributed to various factors.

In terms of salary, Myanmar maids typically earn $100 less than their Indonesian and Filipino counterparts, which makes them a more economical choice for households. While they may require initial language guidance due to their basic command of English, many employers value the fact that Myanmar maids are teachable and have a good-natured disposition. They adapt quickly to their new work environments, displaying positive attitudes and manners.

Moreover, Myanmar maids benefit from shorter overseas processing times compared to Indonesian and Filipino helpers, reducing the waiting time for employers in need of domestic help.”

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Crescent Maids, particularly Colin who attended to us, was exceptional in finding us a suitable helper. Their patience and detailed responses to our questions were truly commendable. Highly recommend for any family helper needs.

K. Moh


Outstanding service from Crescent Maids! They provided well-vetted helpers, handled all documentation efficiently, and facilitated a smooth transition. Our helper is committed and adapts well despite being new to Singapore.

Lu A.


Grateful for Crescent Maids’ recommendation when I needed a maid. Their service, knowledge, and compliance with regulations were impressive. The maid matched my exact needs, thanks to their attentive and patient approach.

Andrew T.


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